HQ digiprog 3 v4.94 New upgrade DP3 VS common quality digiprog iii

OBD2cartool new upgrade digiprog 3 shell and screen all have improved to perfect state. HQ digiprog iii v4.94 inside pcb board all use new original chip CPU. Digiprog iii odometer correction tool with ftdi chip supports more car models than 4.88 digiprog 3.

HQ Digiprog III Odometer correction Super Quality Digiprog 3 with FTDI Mileage programmer



Why choose obd2cartool HQ v4.94 digiprog 3 ftdi chip odometer correction tool?

1. Circuit board is perfect, few welding and maintenance traces
2. CPU Master and important electronic components are all from original import
3. Each board is tested by 12 kinds of automotive instrumentation
4. Hardware support upgrades, each motherboard factory tested with the computer (PC) connectivity
5. Relays all use NEC brand (red high life series)


HQ Digiprog 3 V4.94 VS Common Quality Comparation:


1. HQ Digiprog 3 Shell surface without sundry, no water lines; Common quality with water lines

2. HQ Digiprog iii with bright screen and clear characters; Common quality is with dark screen and unclear

3. Best quality digiprog 3 power on fastly; Common quality power on slowly

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